Diamond Consulting:

IES Diamond Consulting is a leading independent consultancy, advising on all aspects of the global diamond trade.

Based in Antwerp, a key trading centre for rough and polished diamonds, IES has built up extensive knowledge and significant experience in the international diamond industry, through more than 30 years of active practice.

We provide services to public and private corporations, exploration and mining houses, diamond companies, jewellers, banks, investors and institutions.

Our services include consulting on all aspects of the diamond pipeline - valuation, business development and the economics of the diamond value chain.

Corporate & Business Development:

The IES approach is pragmatic and business-oriented. We help our clients diagnose strategic challenges and obstacles, develop suitable solutions and set SMART targets. We then propose implementable actions for achieving results.

IES is expert in motivating, mentoring, communicating and driving a project to completion.

We are comfortable tackling complex, multi-faceted strategic planning challenges.

We rely on our hands-on entrepreneurial and management experience combined with creativity, to develop actionable plans, so our clients can successfully implement bold strategies.

At the request of clients, our involvement can extend to implementation, including setting and monitoring performance criteria.

Our entrepreneurial and innovative business approach helps clients develop solutions that shape the marketplace, creating asymmetric advantage.

Accelerated Socio-economic Development in Emerging Markets & Africa:

Emerging markets

IES is increasingly focused on skills upgrading and inward investment, providing targeted, effective advice on capacity-building for businesses in emerging markets.

Working with government, institutional clients and business clients in emerging markets, IES can help accelerate growth by mapping broad socio-economic challenges, managing multiple stakeholder dynamics and implementing carefully planned strategies for development to achieve the full potential of a business, sector, or regional economy.


Africa today represents a major business and investment opportunity. Whilst current financial and economic circumstances challenge business around the world, IES is confident Africa will play a rapidly growing role in future global economic growth, thereby also ensuring its own successful development and continent-wide economic and social progress.

Presentations & Workshops:

Marcel Pruwer is an experienced lecturer and presents on a wide range of topics. He combines his vast knowledge of current business trends with his experience as an international businessman and presents in a unique and compelling way. Previous lectures included topics on entrepreneurship, management and the intercultural aspect of business.

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